Winter 2019/2020: Architectural Thinking for Intelligent Systems

The development of Intelligent Systems requires the Integration of AI technologies into already complex software and hardware environments. This poses a number of challenges, such as for example how to keep these systems easy to maintain by developers or easy to interact with for their human users.
We need to systematically analyze the desired functional requirements and system qualities, and to apply methods of modern architectural thinking in order to find appropriate and elegant architectures for AI systems.
This lecture teaches established and successful methods that software architects apply for the systematic planning, conception, and evaluation of complex software (and hardware) architectures in the context of Intelligent Systems. We sharpen our understanding of architectural concerns that give rise to architectural decisions a good software architect needs to be aware of. We also learn how we can evaluate software architectures before a system is built and how architectural decision making helps minimizing risks in complex (AI) software development projects.
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Summer 2019: Lecture Artificial Intelligence

This course explores key concepts of Artificial Intelligence (AI), including formal knowledge representation, automated deduction, heuristic search algorithms, the automatic generation of heuristic functions in planning, reasoning under uncertainty, rule-based systems, and description logics. We will highlight how these concepts are used in several AI application-fields like spoken-dialog systems, expert systems, and intelligent network security. Upon completion of the course, students should be able to write Bachelor and Master theses in AI. This core lecture is also the prerequisite for advanced courses such as Automatic Planning, Intelligent User Interfaces, and Semantic Web. Interested students will have the unique opportunity to participate in exciting AI research projects at DFKI or in the FAI group.
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